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  • 尊敬的游戏管理员,我的游戏角色不小心在游戏服务器频道说了一句关于现金交易的话,我辛辛苦苦了很久的游戏技能直接毁了,我真的爱上了我们的模组,希望能给我一个机会,我可以保证我不会再说任何关于现金交易的事情了我在此求助,我真的没有做现金交易,有别家的人想陷害我,希望管理员能查出真相,为我解除永久封禁(一)
    5. You can check product prices with each other in major city markets
    6. Set 6 levels for Black Claw, each level can obtain corresponding level drawings
    7. Add more resource villages
    Hello, Moonlight Administrator, I have come up with some methods that can greatly prevent players from opening many small accounts and even opening plugins to earn huge profits.
    1. Modify the order mode and you can freely choose the order
    2. Using NPC to Help You Work
    3. Increase family garrison
    4. After the establishment of new players, they can freely choose to be born in various main cities
    Hello, developers!
    I found that the third row of medical skills is very important in the battle, reducing soldier mortality! I learned wrong, Could you help me modify my skills?
    It is recommended to add item decomposition and advanced combat skills.All bows and crossbows can be used on horseback, and all long-pole weapons can be switched between one-handed and two-handed modes on horseback.


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    Hello. It's not possible. We can't modify any skills for players even manually.
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    Then you can create a skill book that can reset any skill or all of them. After washing the points, you can add new learning skills. Whether it's medicine or horsemanship, one-handed or two-handed, it's also convenient for you to develop new skills as a backup in the future. Create a new task to obtain this skill book. A character can only have one such task.
    Would be too OP to just change stats, so you can keep changing for specific content.
    I think not reseting stats is absolutely fine. Make an alt for the content you want.
    my husband bought me this game for my laptop now it wont run says check to see if i have it already running but it isnt he told me verifry i did i re installed ran as admin still says check to see if running while my husband also plays we own 2 copies and play on different pcs think this matters thanks
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