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  • Hello, developers!
    2023.5.9 the problem of Mount Blade 2 multiplayer client-server made my NPCs disappeared when i attacked the hideouts,i didn“t droped them from my group, my id black a。
    Hello, developers!
    I found that the third row of medical skills is very important in the battle, reducing soldier mortality! The picture has been uploaded. Help me modify my skills. Thanks!
    Recommended to add item melting and advanced combat skills. All bows and crossbows can be used on horseback, and all long-pole weapons can be switched between one-handed and two-handed modes on horseback.
    The game will be more fun


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    Hello, esteemed game developers! I'm a big Fan of the game. I recently made a family flag, but accidentally, ROBOT CAT head design is not placed in the center of the flag, but now can not be modified, so I would like to ask you to modify the data, so that the flag can be re-edited. Thank you. We will continue to work hard to support you. From the XQB Dragoon family.
    I had donated a $100 for King suit today, when can I get the code of equipment?transaction number could be seen in the conversation part.
    Почему не получается войти в игру пишет что мод не поддерживает текущую версию игры. Если обнова не вышла то можете подсказать когда выйдет?
    Какая версия игры у вас?
    Moonlight, Thank you and the rest of the team for the great work u guys doing on the MOD so far that we can have a good time on it and enjoy playing it. Keep it up and ill support you guys as much as i can.
    I am grateful to have the support of people like you in discord and The world needs more people like you . i don't know how to be positive under pressure but you have this gift even when there a lot of people tag you you still answer them with positive attitude . and one more thing god bless you
    Thank you so much for all your hard work! I truly did not think a mod like this would even be in development for at least a few more years, and here you guys have it up and running within the 2nd year of bannerlords release! Absolutely mind-blowing!
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