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    Do you really want to push away solo players?

    Out of curiosity, does higher clan members still move faster than other players? Because it makes great sense to make it like that.. Last year i quitted the game just because of that idiotic "feature". Game/mod had great potential but ruined by such small details..
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    Maybe punish clanless players a little less?

    I can move faster because i have a clan.. "Logic" It's the reason I've stopped playing this mod even though it was awesome. Really lame way to punish solo players.
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    Game needs a balance update

    Valid points, thank you for the extensive answer. Agreed on most points. I'm still holding on to the point on Movement speed buff. I think that's OP and that breaks the game for the beginners and beginner clans. For end game clans&players, they are similar on movement speed and benefits neither...
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    Game needs a balance update

    Nobody said it should be same. As an MMO you need casual players. Did I mention anything about realistic? Realistic and logical are very different concepts No offence but you look like you just got mad because you fear you might lose your speed boost where it helps you catch people even...
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    Game needs a balance update

    Developers already making a great job even by making this game possible. Thank you for that. My suggestion would be making T6 soldiers rare than current rate would really spice things down without needing a big update. Reducing clan bonuses on exp and movement speed for clans. This game is...
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    Game needs a balance update

    I've played thousands of hours of MMO in different games. BO has a great potential but sadly it reminds me of Archeage and why it failed. In this game in order to be successful you need to: You need to pay for Patreon You need to grind for hours every day You need to have a good clan...