General rules

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Failure to comply with any of the following rules may result in a ban. Not knowing the rules does not absolve you from liability for the violation. The administration has a zero-tolerance policy for server rule violators. The project administration reserves the right to amend the "Rules for players" unilaterally without notifying third parties. All other rules proceed from this.

General rules.

1. Respect yourself, players, common sense and decency.

2. Racist, nationalistic and homophobic comments are prohibited in any form!

3. The administration of the project can ban/mute you without sharing any details on the cause!

4. Slander is not permissible in any form!

5. Political discussion is forbidden. This server is not a place for political debate and quarrels!

6. It is forbidden to engage in begging, blackmailing and fraud in any way or form!

7. Deliberately inciting other players to break the rules is prohibited. If a player breaks the rules because of you, you will be punished!

8. Public contestation of the decision of the moderation/administration team during the gameplay is prohibited. In case of a disagreement, leave a request in the corresponding channel in the discord server!

9. Posting NSFW content is prohibited - this includes nudity, blood and gore in any form.

10. Propaganda and public encouragement of anything that contradicts with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the Criminal Code of the country in which you live is prohibited!

11. Do not post either your personal information or the information of other users! Doxxing of any kind is also prohibited!

12. It is forbidden to impersonate another user!

12.1. It is forbidden to impersonate as a player of any clan you are not a part of!
12.2. It is forbidden to impersonate the moderation/administration of the server/project!

13. Clan recruiting on the discord server is allowed on the appropriate channel. Please mention that you play BO and leave an invite to your server on the post! (A clan is allowed to post an ad in the specific channel according to the form indicated there once every 6 hours per clan)

14. Spamming/flooding the chat/forum is prohibited, this rule covers sending the same message multiple times, gif walls, large text walls and the excessive use of words/sentences that do not carry any meaning!

15. It is forbidden to advertise any other discord servers and projects unless agreed upon with the administration beforehand! (You can ask @moonlight.exe for permissions)

16. The list of prohibitions on the Discord must be respected unquestionably!

17. Don't use excessive profanity. Let's be respectful towards each other!
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