Trading posts and Caravans

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With the release of the Economy Update, trading posts in villages that produce resources have become available.

There are three trading posts in each resource producing village.
Initially, two of them are controlled by the local clan and the third post is vacant.

Active trading posts send a caravan carrying valuable resources every hour.

Caravans are the only source of rare resources that are used in crafting quality food and high tier items.

You can loot them to get special resources.
A caravan contains 10 units of rare goods, but you can only get 3 units when you loot them.
The type of resource depends on the production of the village that sent the caravan.

However, looting caravans won't provide you with a lot of unique resources.
Better option is to capture and hold trading posts to obtain them on a regular basis.

To capture such a post, you need to crash a heavy-loaded caravan that contains a special document and bring it to one of the villages with a free trading post.

Heavy-loaded caravans are protected and do not appear on the global map until your clan redeems information about them with the help of a thief.
Thief grants access to the information about the route of a heavy-loaded caravan in the form of an auction (for influence).

The auction starts one hour before prime time and ends 30 minutes before the caravan leaves. Therefore, the winning clan will have at least half an hour to prepare for the battle and reach the caravan route.

Prime time depends on the server:

CN: 11:00-15:00 UTC
RU: 14:00-18:00 UTC
EU: 18:00-22:00 UTC
NA: 01:00-05:00 UTC
OCE: 10:00-14:00 UTC

After successful redemption, the caravan's UTC departure time will be displayed, and a message with the route will be sent to all clan members.

At the appointed time, a heavy-loaded caravan will depart from the village with a trading post, which can be easily identified by the large cluster of units and a special colour.

Defeating it will grant you a large number of rare resources (40 units) as well as a Trade Post Ownership Agreement.

Ownership of any free trading post or one whose caravan has been broken up by your clan is now available to your clan.

Take the agreement to the village and occupy the trading post of your choice.
IMPORTANT The agreement you received will last approximately 4 hours, after which it will disappear from your inventory.

A trading post that has been occupied by your clan will periodically supply rare resources to the clan hall.

A regular caravan leaves the village once an hour and contains 10 resource items. If the unit was not defeated on the way and successfully reached its destination, the clan will receive all the resources in full. . Otherwise only 2 units.

A heavy-loaded caravan leaves once a day and contains 120 resource units.
The time of sending such a caravan can be set in the trading posts section of the village (requires permission, which can be set for any rank in the clan).
The selected value must be in prime time range.

By talking to the clan manager you can get all delivered rare resources into your inventory (if your rank has special permission).

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