The Black Claw Scenario

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With the release of the Economy Update, the weekly quest "The Black Claw", consisting of 5 stages, has become available to players who have reached level 10. To begin this quest, talk to the barman in any town.

Each stage is a battle against warriors from the Black Claw clan, during which you must complete a certain task. To start the battle, find the location of the Black Claw's hideout according to the clues in the quest log.

When you interact with the Black Claw Hideout, a menu will open where you can start the battle. You can be assisted in the quest by other players (maximum 5 participants). In order for players to join the battle, you need to join a group. If a player dies, his army will be divided among the remaining living participants.

When completing a phase, progress will be counted for all players taking part in the battle (regardless of the Black Claw's hideout position shown in the quest log). Once the stage is completed, a reward will be shown in the quest log.

You can either skip the reward and continue to complete the task, or you can accept it and complete the task. If you decline an award, it will be available for collection in the task log until you complete the next stage. If you cancel the quest and forget to select a reward, the item will automatically be added to your inventory. You can get ONLY ONE Reward for completing this quest.

The rewards you can receive are:
10-15th character levels: Recipes for making 4th tier items.
15-20th character levels: Recipes for making 4th and 5th tier items.
20th character level or higher: Recipes for making 5th and 6th tier items.
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