GAL Asteroid

Jun 16, 2021

First of all im just proposing stuff/vague ideas while not having any clue about the feasibility/posibility of coding it or if it is to complex/difficult.

Q: What do you think of implementing a stash?

It could be like 1box in every town where all players can go to but everybody has his own stash. (not sure if stash should be accessible at all cities or just in the one where you bought the stash/also a posibility would be buying stash in city A and paying also in city XY or Z to get access to it?)

You could pay a certain amount for once to the "Seneschal" to unlock a box for unlimited period of time.
For example 5k dnears for 5 slots 10k denars for 10 slots and 50k for 100 slots? Just vague numbers to give an idea

So if you farm a nice weapon (for example bow lvl too high) early on you can put it into stash or put cargo into stash for what ever reason.
Happened already to me that i bought cargo, was overloaded and wished i could deposit it somewhere to carry it later( i had to throw it away and lost 4k/learned it the hard way )).
Dont argue now that I/you have to calculate better blabla. There are plenty of reasons one could use a stash ;-) (mabon's notes/raw silk/whatever..)

Also i noticed you cannot mark your items in inventory so they wont be sold automatically when "selling or discard all" is selected that would also make sense/possible?

GG and greetings!

Skeadu Aldhari

May 17, 2021
Hi ! I was thinking about too, and what about troop too ?

Sometimes I want to try a different army composition, but without throwing all my well trained soldiers to the land with no return ^^
But for this point, the new Barter will be usefull, because you can lend them to a friend for help him the time to try what you want, or travelling faster for a special reason, or for training character mode "Lonely warrior" on little looters band.

Thank you for this work !
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