Rework & Christmas Update

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Hello, warriors of the online world of Calradia!

We dedicated the entire 2023 year to improve Bannerlord Online. We fixed balance issues, improved performance and generally updated the server architecture, about which you can read
at the link.
Also, fixing a few existing mechanics that players were unhappy with was an important aspect.

Food system

We've reworked the food system that was originally introduced in the Economy Update: lowered food consumption, updated bonuses, and fixed a lot of issues.

The food consumption is as follows:

1 unit per hour for the troops on foot.
2 units per hour for the mounted troops.

Food varies in quality but also differs in weight and possible bonuses.

The most common food, bread, is produced in large quantities by the players and is always available on the market:

If you wish, you can produce your own food with the help of an artisan in town.

There is also a more expensive meal with less weight and unique bonuses, which just like bread is also crafted at the artisan.
See the full list of food options:

Fixed issues in the Rework & Christmas update:
  • Fixed food consumption when the player is offline.
  • Reduced food consumption for mounted troops (2.5 => 2).
  • Changed display of consumption to real hours.
  • Fixed incorrect food and salary consumption when saving server data.

Riding skills update

We have reworked the riding skills, adding new perks and changing old perks:
  • Added perks that increase movement on the global map, reducing damage to the horse.
  • The perk of increasing horse stamina by 100% has been moved to level 150.

Updated unit and companion management

We've updated the troop management interface and made a few convenient changes as well:
  • Added a perk to the leadership skill that allows you to leave troops to rest in one additional city.
  • Added experience saving for units being moved to a city, with the ability to choose a priority for troops being moved (with or without experience).
  • Added the ability to store companions with their experience saved, up to a maximum of 5 in each city.

Changes of the "Black Claw" scenarios

We've redesigned the rewards for completing "Black Claw" scenarios, making them more balanced and easier to see:
  • Rewards are divided into five categories with a different set of items in each category..
  • Player can see all available rewards at once.
  • Added a gold reward for completing each stage, regardless of quest availability.

Trying on your clan banner

By popular demand we have added the ability to "try on" a clan banner to evaluate it in battle and on a character before creating it. Trying on is free and the flag is only visible to the player who is trying it on.
  • Each banner template created can be tried on for 10 minutes.
  • The applied banner is only visible to you, while still allowing you to engage in all game activities.

The weather system

  • Various atmospheric effects are now displayed on the global map and in the battles.
  • The location of snow in Calradia has started to change over time, depending on the current game season. The whole cycle of changing seasons lasts 5 real days.

The settlements' safe zones have been reworked

Originally, safe zones were created to avoid sudden battles near settlements when players attacked immediately after running out of a town or village. We found a better solution to this problem by adding a temporary prohibition on attacking when leaving a settlement.
  • Safe zones around settlements have been removed.
  • Added a prohibition to attack in a small area at the entrance to cities.
  • Added attack prohibition mechanics for units that have just left a settlement.

Reworked the system of loot drop and battle entry

  • Fixed problems with losing loot when disconnecting and starting a new battle when the loot has not been collected yet.
  • Added automatic battle entry if a player is attacked while in the inventory window.
  • Fixed inventory issues causing false notifications of items or units being discarded.
  • Fixed issues that made it necessary to reopen the squad window to successfully upgrade units.
  • Fixed the problem of the inability to open the skills, squad, inventory, and quest windows after the end of the battle.

Piercing damage is added

You can now deal damage to multiple opponents at the same time.

Chairs synchronisation

We have added chair synchronisation, in the future the same mechanism will be used to synchronise siege weapons as well!

There's more to it!

We've made many more changes that don't fall into a major category, and we've also made dozens of bug fixes, some of which have already been released and some of which were only published with the release of the update.
A list of the other changes:
  • Reduced the requirements for recipes (for basic resources) and duration of crafting reduced by half.
  • Changed the mechanics of ending a battle by timeout when no damage is dealt:
  • The no-damage check has been retained only in normal battles.
  • Added mechanic of accelerated healing of a character in the tavern, if he took any sitting place.
  • Fixed synchronisation issues with shooting and throwing weapons.
  • Surrendering is now allowed in all combat types.
  • Enabled companion skills for movement speed on the global map.
  • Changed the logic of passing to the next round in tournaments, now passing is determined based on team results.
  • Changed the logic of updating cooldowns for map events and scenarios "Black Claw", now the update occurs daily at the same time.
  • Added map events and "Black Claw" scenarios to the daily task board.
  • Added chat notification in battles when items are lost from a player and companion.
  • Fixed crash in tournaments in the unit selection window between the rounds.
  • Fixed a problem that caused a player to not teleport to the city when defeated in PvP or PvE.
  • Added beginner zones around Zeonica, where units do not attack player units smaller than 20.
  • Added notification in the form of an icon about a bad connection to the server.
  • Improved the calculation of earned gold in villages, corrected cases in which you could not get the reward.
  • Increased the number of items that can be placed on the market for all trade licences.
  • Added a notification about the payment for storage of the exhibited goods, with the indication of the storage period and settlement.
  • Fixed an issue with releasing a prisoner after defeating the player who captured him.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying fonts of different languages in chat.
  • Reduced the cooldown for joining a clan to 23 real hours.
  • Fixed a problem when a hostage died and the fight immediately ended with an error. Added notification when a hostage dies and a delay of a few seconds before the battle ends.
  • Fixed a problem with starting or ending dialogue with companions in villages.
  • Added display of trading posts under control of a clan in the clan window.
  • Fixed a problem with client crash if you buy cancelled or repurchased earlier cargo by someone else.
  • Improved recording of game transactions when interacting with the marketplace.
  • Added missing items for selling to the artisan.
  • Fixed problem with client crash when clicking on custom units in the encyclopedia.
  • Fixed display of owner section in the trade posts window.
  • Fixed a problem when map event fights did not start after a fight in a hideout for a companion quest.
  • Fixed a bug that causes the server to crash if you click on the link of a deleted clan in chat.
  • Balanced the amount of scouting experience in all game activities where it can be obtained.
  • Fixed a problem with missing information from the cargo tooltip about the time for its delivery.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a shipment would cause a discard notification to appear.
  • Fixed a problem with incoming caravans piling up at city gates.
  • Fixed problem with the game crash while interacting with the chat by using hotkeys.
  • Fixed incorrect display of percentages in companion skill localisations.
  • Fixed a problem with adding weight from wounded companions, causing a disynchronisation.
  • Added notification of completed orders in the village when entering the game.
  • Fixed crash in tournaments in cases of a draw in the final match.
  • Fixed a problem when visiting my page in the encyclopedia, in which experience indicators in the skills window are reset to 0.
  • Fixed prices for cargo delivery.
  • Added functionality of displaying content maker's status in the encyclopedia, with the ability to click on the specified links.
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