PvP Troop Deployment Balance Issues


May 28, 2021
I personally believe that you if you are getting engaged by an enemy party in the wild lands that if you are way outnumbered it shouldn't just field a couple of your troops at a time. I got surrounded by a party of 5-6 enemies all of them with around 100 man parties, they forced me into a battle with them while I only had 70 men. For some reason the game only fielded maybe 15 of my guys at a time while it put easily 100 of theirs onto the field. So not only was I forced into a battle that I had no chance of winning, but the worst fucking part about all of that is that it fielded almost none of my fighters. I was stuck watching them kill off maybe 10 of my men at a time over and over in 7 rounds. It was absolutely the most infuriating thing I've dealt with in a video game. If they already outnumber me that much at least let me fight with more than like 10 men at a time. Literally just had to sit there and watch my men die because there's no way I can beat 100+ dudes on the field with only ~10-15 of mine. Fucking Bullshit. Didn't even field troops according to numbers advantage, they outnumbered me maybe 6-1 but it fielded men in the battle so they easily always outnumbered me 10-1 if not more. This "PvP" update is balanced terribly. Can't even stand a remote chance because the game won't put anywhere near all my men on the field at once.
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