Linking accounts to Steam

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Dear players, we have an important announcement!

We are trying to actively fight against cheaters, RMT, and account sharing, so we are introducing a system for linking game accounts:

Next week we are adding the linking of Bannerlord Online accounts (and therefore all characters on that account) to Steam accounts.
This implies that you can only link one BO account to one Steam account.
Accordingly, one Steam account can only be used with one Bannerlord Online account.
When you log in to the game, a warning will be displayed with information about account binding if you have previously logged in to Bannerlord Online servers.

Also, we are revising the punishment system (mute, ban), which will apply to the entire account, not to individual characters.
This will also help to create a more fair and open community.

Unfortunately, the restrictions mean that it will not be possible to play Epic Games Store or GOG versions of the game.
If you've been using a version of the game from one of these platforms, you can purchase the game version right now for 50% off during Steam's summer sale.

We'll let you know when accounts linking will be activated in a separate announcement.
Enjoy the game, and thanks for your support!​
Not open for further replies.