In-game rules

Be more attentive to all the rules on this server, you can get a ban / mute of any duration, everything is at the discretion of the administration, depending on the type of violation.

Failure to comply with any of the following rules may result in a ban. Not knowing the rules does not absolve you from liability for violation. The administration adheres to a zero-tolerance policy for violators of server rules.

The administration of the project reserves the right to make changes to the "In-game rules" unilaterally without notifying third parties. This is an addition to the rules for players!

In-game chat rules

1. Racist, nationalist, sexist, homophobic, or discriminatory statements are prohibited in any form (including in a veiled form such as dog whistles)!

2. Spam messages are forbidden.

3. It is forbidden to spread slander/rumours about the server and the Administration.

4.Trying to use your personal connection to the Administration/moderation team to your own or others' advantage is prohibited! Being sassy to the administration/moderation team is prohibited.

5. It is forbidden to advertise other projects without the consent of the administration of the project.

In-game behaviour

1. It is forbidden to use software (any kind of cheats) or vulnerabilities in the game client to gain advantages in the game. Violation of this rule will result in your account being blocked on the Bannerlord Online servers. If you deliberately play with players using such programs, you may also be blocked.

2.It is forbidden to use bugs / glitches or any kind of other influence in-game to the detriment of other players! Including obstructing the arena, blocking passages by horses, using bugs in battles, etc.

3. It is forbidden to sell /buy/ trade / advertise any in-game items for real-life money.

Usage of multiple accounts to play (Will be valid one week after the clan update)

To ensure a comfortable game, we decided to introduce the following set of rules that apply to multiple player accounts. Multiple accounts (alts, twinks, etc.) mean all game accounts that are used by the same player. You can create as many accounts as you want and play using them at any time. However, there are the following restrictions:
• You cannot enter the game from two accounts at the same time on the same server.
• You cannot exchange gold, items and troops between accounts on the same server.
• You cannot use a mediator to transfer gold, items and troops between multiple accounts.

In case of violation of these restrictions, the barter function will be blocked for all multiple accounts. The barter function will be restored automatically after the administrator examines the account if there are no violations and the barter was blocked by mistake. If violations are confirmed, then the inclusion of barter will be available only after blocking all the player's twinks, except the main account. The player will be able to choose the main account independently when contacting the administrator.

In case of repeated violations of the rules above, the main account will also be banned.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I exchange gold, items and troops with an account that is logged in from the same computer / local network / IP address?
A: Yes, you can freely exchange any amount of gold, items and troops between accounts that are used by different players. We analyze the activity of each account, if no suspicious behaviour is noticed for the account, then its functions will not be blocked.