Food system

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We've reworked the food system that was originally introduced in the Economic Update: we've reduced food consumption, updated bonuses, and fixed many issues.

Food consumption is as follows:

1 unit per hour for foot units.
2 units per hour for mounted units.

Food comes in different qualities, but differs from each other in weight and possible bonuses.

The most common food is bread. It is produced in large quantities by players and is always available on the market:

If you wish, you can produce your own food with the help of the artisan in town.

There is also a more expensive food with less weight and with unique bonuses, which just like bread is made at the artisan.
Complete list of food options:

Fixed issues in Rework & Christmas update:
  • Fixed food consumption when the player is offline.
  • Reduced food consumption for mounted units (2.5 => 2).
  • Changed display of the consumption to real hours.
  • Fixed incorrect food and salary consumption at the moment of saving server data.
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