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Oct 17, 2021
Bannerlord Online - Companion FAQ

These are some commonly asked questions about companions released by the Economy Udate. I will continue to update this as more information becomes available.

How do I obtain a companion?
- Bandit parties randomly have prisoners. Fight and defeat the bandits to be able to recruit the companion after battle.​
- Higher skilled companions can be rescued from dungeons. Talk to the Barkeep for new tasks.​
These dungeons are as followed:​
- Hidden Dungeon: Player vs 19 troops​
- Hideout in the woods: Player + 6 troops vs 44 troops​
- Looted Caravan: Full army vs 90 troops. No mounts, like Frostlands.​
- Slave Traders: Full army vs 90 troops. Including mounts.​
How many companions can I have?
- You can have up to 5 companions per character.​
What happens if I already have 5 companions and I encounter another?
- The dialog with the companion will allow you to remove another companion or choose not to accept the new companion.​
- Dismissing an existing companion will return their gear to your inventory.​
Can companions die?
- No. Like the player, the companions will only be wounded.​
Can companions lose gear?
- Yes. Companions can lose gear if you lose the battle.​
Do companions have special perks? If so, how do I see them?
- Not all companions have special perks. Companions rescued from bandits on the map can have 0-2 beginner perks and rarely an experienced perk.​
- Companions obtained from the companion hideouts listed above can have 1-2 perks of expert and grand level, making the perks more effective than beginner perks.​
- You can see the perks from the Companion tooltip window.​
Special Perks
Below is a small overview of special perks that can increase or decrease the effectiveness of the second perk the companion has. This will not influence the perks of other companions.​
  • Lazy -50%
  • Distracted -30%
  • Persistent +20%
  • Responsible +30%
  • Gifted +50%
  • Brilliant +70%
The Party based perks below are categorised into 3 groups. The group is defined prior to battle, meaning mounting/dismounting troops during battle will not change their group or perk benefits. (i.e. a mounted falxmen is still considered Infantry.)​
  • Infantry (All melee units on foot)
  • Ranged (All archers and Crossbow troops on foot)
  • Mounted (Cavalry and Horse Archers)

My companions perk does not work.
- (BUG) Travel speed perks are currently disabled while waiting for fixes on other travel speed bugs
- (BUG) Trading a companion with a +squad size perk will make the perk work.
- (BUG) Field Cook and Stablement and Junk Dealer are reported by players to not work at this time. No update from the developers on this.

Do companion perks stack?
- No. Perks that have the same effect do not stack. Not for different companions and not when a companion has 2 of the same perks.​
- The Supplier and Troop Trainer perks do not stack with their [Culture] version of the perks. Only the highest value perk will apply to the troops.​

Can I level up my companions?
- Only companions that have perks can be leveled up.​
- Companions share in the XP gained through various methods, including battles, trading and skill books. You can check their progress in the party menu in the same way you can check troop progress. Companions gain roughly half the XP you gain.​

How do I unlock the Perks of my companion?
- After obtaining the companion, they will require from battles. After they have obtained the XP, the companion will want to talk to you. Talking to a companion only works in a town. (castles/villages do not work). The companion will request specific items. Giving them these items will give you a mission. Check your journal to see what mission objective it has, as there are different kind of missions. Completing the mission will unlock the perk.​
- 1st perk: 20000xp required​
- 2nd perk: 80000xp required​
- (BUG): Talking to a companion to progress their quest only works in a town. Villages and Castles do not work.​

Can I give gear to my companions?
- Yes. You can equip companions with gear from the inventory.​

Can I exchange companions with another player?
- Yes. Companions can be traded using the regular barter menu. (Pressing F while facing a player)​
- Trading a companion will also trade their equipped gear.​
Will I be able to use my companions for things other than combat?
- Yes. Companions will be able to work in Workshops once Workshops are available.​
- Boris can be replaced by a another companion (Implementation not yet confirmed)​
Will companions desert if the party morale is low?
- No. Companions are never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna to run around and desert you.​
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Nov 11, 2021
Hey, skills can be unlocked by leveling up and doing the special "quest" for the companion after talking to him/her after gaining enough exp.
There are still companions without any perks that wont get exp so i think they are useless.


Sep 18, 2022
Hi, dude, i think the economy update is a good idea, i mean, it more reality, but i think the most attactive part of this game to me, particular for the multiplayer, is to battle for the land, like castle, city, you know, fight for it. each players fight against or cooperate with each other, alliance, betrayal, revenge,that is always the most Unforgettable,you know, like EVE or others, so i wonder if it is possible to add some contents like that. and also, i think this game may take some money, like monthly fees to maintain your teams.

Bibb Lund

Jun 26, 2021
I just want to confirm there is no Archery Wages Reduction Trait? Seems like a weird omission, right? Or am I missing some hidden logic here? Nice tutorial!


Oct 17, 2021
I just want to confirm there is no Archery Wages Reduction Trait? Seems like a weird omission, right? Or am I missing some hidden logic here? Nice tutorial!
If there is, I haven't seen it yet. All the perk info is confirmed ingame.
There's not a single horse archer perk either. But there is a perk for "archers", instead of "ranged". So some things are unconfirmed.


Oct 17, 2021
FAQ Update

The original post has been updated as followed.
  • Added information on which troops are impacted by which perks.
  • Added information on which perks are currently not functional.
  • Replaced the Companion perk table with more organised picture versions.


Jan 17, 2023
Shld be added to list on main post here..
- (BUG) -X% wage perk broken. Only one type infantry last added to party gets -X% wage reduction.