Crafting system and Items quality

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With the release of the Economy Update, a crafting system is now available, and most items have a quality parameter.

Crafting is available at the artisan in town and is divided into three categories:

• Creating / Improving an item and repairing it
• Resource recycling
• Remelting of items

Creating an item requires a recipe and resources. At the moment the recipe can be found by completing special scenarios. In the future, we will add other ways of obtaining recipes.
The item creation menu will only display items that have the recipe in your inventory or items that can now be repaired or improved.

The created item has a special attribute Crafted and it can be repaired and improved in the future.
Common items that have been taken from a defeated enemy in battle or found in lairs cannot be crafted and will break over time.
Also, common items cannot be improved in the workshop. The only way to improve a common item is to complete Alvor's Blacksmith Quest.

Crafted items can be improved three times, greatly increasing their characteristics:

Over time, items break one level down. Once an item's quality drops to Damaged level, the item can disappear at any time if you continue to use it.

The resources needed for crafting are created by recycling raw materials from the villages.
You can cook food, melt ore into ingots, and carve an animal carcass.
All of the available options for processing resources are displayed here.

In the future, we will also add melting (disassembling) of existing items so that there is an opportunity to get additional resources.
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