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With the release of the Economy Update, it is now possible to have companions in your squad.

Companions can have unique abilities and they never die in battle.
You can equip them as you wish and use them as effective fighters on the battlefield.

However, companions' greatest advantage is in their abilities.

Rare companions contain 1-2 abilities, while common companions contain only 0-2 abilities.

An ability can be either a bonus or a companion knowledge modifier.

Bonuses vary in their quality, and come in three varieties:

• Beginner level.
• Experienced Level.
• Grand level.

The higher the level of the bonus, the better effect it has.

Companion knowledge modifiers directly affect the bonus and come in five varieties:

Lazy -50%

Distracted -30%

Persistent +20%

Responsible +30%

Gifted +50%

Brilliant +70%

Lazy and Distracted modifiers impose a penalty to the bonus.

Companions can be found when travelling the global map as captives. Looters, Forest Bandits and Sea Raiders can carry such a companion with them, and after defeating their squad, the former captive will offer to join you.

These companions don't have impressive skills, but they're useful for beginners in the early stages of the game.

To find companions with more advanced skills, you will have to visit special hidden dungeons that are spread throughout Calradia.
Speak to the barman in the tavern to find out about these dungeons, and have them displayed on the global map.
Dungeons are difficult to pass, but contain a companion with 1-2 high level abilities.

You can only visit 10 dungeons each day and free the same number of companions.

Initially, companions' abilities are unlearned and they require time to gain experience, after that they will offer to talk and tell you about their goals and propose a task to develop their abilities.
A companion's experience is credited as part of the experience gained by the player during battles.
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