Banner creation

The banner editor allows players to create a unique banner for the clan based on the player's existing items

The editor has the following features:
Add or delete a new layer, switching to it when added.
Edit element position, the selected element is highlighted among others.
Select element colour, the selected colour is highlighted by a frame.
Switching between layers, the currently selected layer is indicated in its name.
Creating a template.

The created template can later be edited, deleted or a banner can be created from it.

The following resources are required to create the banner: raw silk, velvet, denars, background elements, colours, stencils as specified in the template.

Once the banner has been created, the resources will be removed from the player's inventory.

A created banner cannot be edited. Any banner can be replaced with a new one in the clan house through a dialogue with Boris.

The cost of creation depends on the number of layers, there is a table below for the cost of creating a banner.
Number of layers1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829
Raw Silk246810121416182022242629323538414447505356606468727680

Possible, current colour options, backgrounds and templates (stencils).



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