Account rules

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Account rules (valid from 1 April 2022)

1. Account sharing is forbidden.

2. It is forbidden to use more than one account by the same person.

If you want to play on the server using different characters, you must create them in the same account.
If more than one person is playing on the same computer, then each of them needs their own Bannerlord Online account and their own licensed copy of the game.

3. It is forbidden to give your licensed copy of the game to another player in order to play Bannerlord Online.

Violation of these rules may result in limitation of barter and sale of items on the market, as well as complete blocking of the account.
If you think your account has been blocked by mistake, please PM
Moonlight.exe on Discord.

Rules for applying penalties to characters

In-game penalties, such as Mute, Ban or Kick, only apply to one character and will not affect the rest of your account. Only the violation of the rules described in this section will affect the account being banned.

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