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  • Hello, my question is my friend, I recently lost my password and Gmail, I cannot log in at the moment, can you help me, we would be really grateful if we can access it.
    moonlight.exe can you look at my Forum post under help Patreon code
    There were problems directly on Patreon's side. I guess you have received your code.
    Hello developers,
    I bought a 35$ subscription, paid!! 48 hours before

    I searched everywhere in the trash, mail but don't have anything !!
    Hello, I bought a subscription, paid for it and the code was missing, I looked everywhere in the spam bin, etc. Please contact me regarding this matter, thank you in advance
    Hello admin, I bought the 35$ package but I can't receive the 6 gifts in the 5$ 10$ packages, can you help me?
    Dear Ranger, I accidentally threw away my NPC around 3 am on July 7. Can you help me recover? Thank you very much
    Доброго Вам времени суток , помогите пожалуйста решить небольшую проблему , фармил сегодня в первой половине дня на руднике, из за обновы меня выкинуло , и 500к которые я нафармил они пропали((. Просто обидно за потраченное время. Возможно что нибудь вернуть или нет ? сервер eu
    1. Modify the order mode and you can freely choose the order

    2. Using NPC to Help You Work

    3. Increase family garrison

    4. After the establishment of new players, they can freely choose to be born in various main cities

    5. You can check product prices with each other in major city markets

    6. Set 6 levels for Black Claw, each level can obtain corresponding level drawings
    Hello, Moonlight Administrator, I have come up with some methods that can greatly prevent players from opening many small accounts and even opening plugins to earn huge profits.
    Hello dear author, I lost the NPC of game on June 8, 2023 at 18:20 Beijing time due to an operational error. Can you help me? Thank you very much. My id is BarbieKeer ,thanks
    Hello, developers!
    2023.5.9 the problem of Mount Blade 2 multiplayer client-server made my NPCs disappeared when i attacked the hideouts,i didn“t droped them from my group, my id black a。
    Hello, developers!
    I found that the third row of medical skills is very important in the battle, reducing soldier mortality! The picture has been uploaded. Help me modify my skills. Thanks!
    Recommended to add item melting and advanced combat skills. All bows and crossbows can be used on horseback, and all long-pole weapons can be switched between one-handed and two-handed modes on horseback.
    The game will be more fun


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    Hello, esteemed game developers! I'm a big Fan of the game. I recently made a family flag, but accidentally, ROBOT CAT head design is not placed in the center of the flag, but now can not be modified, so I would like to ask you to modify the data, so that the flag can be re-edited. Thank you. We will continue to work hard to support you. From the XQB Dragoon family.
    I had donated a $100 for King suit today, when can I get the code of equipment?transaction number could be seen in the conversation part.
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