PVP between clans in the wild lands

Jack Eton

Mar 16, 2021
hallo players.
with the pvp in wildlands coming up i was wondering what you other people in clans have thought in therms of attacking other parties.
for our clan we have talked about the idea of naming out Parties CFT so that friendly clans can identify us and hopefully not attack.
do you think it will evolve into a massive gank party or will clans/big gruppes only attack factions they themself have declared war on?
love to heare you guys's thoughts.


Mar 15, 2021
well, I think there will be a decent amount of PvP engagements.
You're stealing another group's desert bandit stack? They will make sure to wait for you and clap you in PvP when you get out of that combat

I, for one, want to test out PvP, so I'll prolly go ahead and attack some people out of curiosity, not malicious intent.
But hey, I guess the result will be the same no matter my intention :p