New Clan Update Details

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Dear players!
We are in the final stages of the clan update development

Today we want to tell you more about the politics of clans, the conduct of hostilities, as well as shed light on clan companions and capturing players!

We've reworked the original clan window, adding more information about members, clan politics, and information about clan companions that you can find in the vastness of Calradia.

You can find out where all the members of your clan are, including what they are doing at the moment. Convenient functionality for both the clan leader and its members.

Clan companions are special NPCs that give useful bonuses to the clan, and can also unlock new functionality. All their characteristics can be seen on the clan screen, in one place, without the need to personally visit the clan shelter.

In the diplomacy tab, we have posted information about all relationships between clans.
Declare war, make peace, ransom your captured comrades!

In addition, the information window contains a list of all the latest clan battles with the ability to view a replay of each battle!

With the release of the clan update, we are including PvP throughout the map, available without restrictions for all clans! Hunt down enemies, help allies, wage full-scale wars throughout Calradia.

As soon as you enter a state of war with another clan, then all its members will begin to appear as opponents on the map and become available for attack.

Defeat the enemy and take him to the prison of your clan house to further weaken the opponents in the ongoing war.

Demand ransom from the leader of the enemy clan, however, remember: prisoners can escape from your dungeon, so be on the lookout!

We are trying to make this update as high quality and interesting as possible, we hope for your support!
In the future, we will shed light on other details of the upcoming update!

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