Items discarded


Mar 11, 2023
I noticed that i get the are you sure message for discarding items kind of often even if i don't have any ready to be discarded. I noticed this happening more when i change equipment on characters by dragging in and out of inventory to their specific equip slot. Happened on loot screen and on normal inventory screen. Some times even if i accept nothing has happened but some times i lose items so i jsut have to cancel every time i see that. It's annoying specially after fiddling around for some time to change equipment between companions to have to reset all that just to be safe of not losing something. Like one time all i did was to equip some weapons on a companion from inventory, got the message of discarding and i accepted. Next visit to companion equipment he had no weapons and gone from inventory too, was like dragging old weapon in inv and putting another from in in the equip slot it was registered as discarding. Another time the whole loot after a battle wasn't registered as put in my inventory, maybe because in the same view i did some equipping.


Feb 26, 2023
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