In-Game Rules

Henry Skalitz

Mar 17, 2021
1. Racist, nationalist, sexist, homophobic, or discriminatory statements are prohibited in any form (including in a veiled form such as dog whistles)!

2. The administrations' word is final!

3. The rules are not up for discussion!

4. Spam messages are forbidden!

5. It is forbidden to spread slander/rumours about the server and the Administration!
5.1. Trying to use your personal connection to the Administration/moderation team to your own or others' advantage is prohibited!

6. It is forbidden to use bugs/glitches or any kind of other influence in-game to the detriment of other players! (Including obstructing the arena, blocking passages by horses, using bugs in battles, etc.)!
If a person uses a bug/glitch accidentally, there will be no punishment. If there is evidence (videos, screenshots) and completed reports of repeated use, or if a person purposefully builds their gameplay on the abuse of technical flaws in Bannerlord's mechanics that violates the rules or changes the intended gameplay mechanics of the BO modification for his own benefit, whether it is a money boost, a skill boost or other exploit, it will result in a permanent ban on the modification.

7. It is forbidden to sell/buy/trade/advertise any in-game items for real-life money. (any kind of currency)

8. It is forbidden to abuse the game features to create inconveniences for other players (including lack of action, avoiding the enemy in battles, etc.)!