Bannerlord Online Roadmap 2024

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Bannerlord Online Roadmap 2024

The Roadmap video has been released on Youtube!

Updated Clan Wars (Summer)

  • Completely redesigned diplomacy system that allows you to make different types of agreements.​
  • Clan treasury and financial transactions.​
  • Activation of PvE mode for clans.​
  • New clan storage system.​
  • Management of local replay storage and new system of replay viewing.​

Castles (Winter)

  • Large-scale battles with the use of siege weapons for the right to own a castle.​
  • Managing your castle, its territory and building on it.​
  • Creating your own kingdoms and combining units into armies.​
  • New types of missions and game activities.​

Server stability + Double XP event

We are also pleased to announce that we have completed the work to eliminate the lags on the servers that were preventing a comfortable game.
To celebrate this, we are announcing a double experience that will last for two weeks starting this weekend (from June 1 to June 15 included)!
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