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    PERK in Game and difficulty level of the Quwst

    What do you mean by removing perks?
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    Bandits kicking my butt suddenly.

    Slave traders to be specific. I usually beat them easely using the same tactics with 2 or 3 losses. But now in the last couple of days their cavalry is wiping the floor with my legionaries, even in square formation. This never happened. Was there an update? did the inf square get nerfed? Bandits...
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    About village resources.

    So, I dropped 100k for an order of iron in Kranirog a while back, and somehow the queue for delivery just keeps increasing over time. This shouldn't be happening. I don't know if this is related, but some clan had a trading post there, now they have two. Personally I'm a big fan of customization...
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    Attribute points limit.

    OK, thanks for the confirmation. I had already planned to max party size anyway.
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    Attribute points limit.

    Somehow I can't invest more than 7 points in social. I place the points there but when I return to the attribute menu they're reset. Why is that?
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    Custom item models...

    Do the modelers in the dev team take requests for new or improved items?
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    (FAQ) The Frostlands

    Thanks. I actually went too far west alone because I didn't know, and got jumped by clanners with hundreds of fians. If I might make a suggestion, this information should be easy to find in game. Like, you approach the frostlands and some random scout warns you about the 3 regions and what to...
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    (FAQ) The Frostlands

    Is there any way I can get upgrade kits without risking pvp? Does Hawk's possession have the same warbands for us to farm?
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    Is there a barber?

    I know this isn't a crucial issue, but I'd like to tweak my character's appearance a bit. Is there a way to do this or will there be in the future?
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    Tournament Teamers

    I was just beaten in my first tournament by teamers. Basicaly a bunch of people from different teams cooperate to make sure they make it to the finals. I personaly was cut to pieces by infs from 2 different teams, then saw them dance around each other the remaining rounds until 1 of them was the...