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    Corrupted files

    try Verify Game files before launching...
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    my account was banned

    You can find the Rules here: Rules | Bannerlord Online (
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    Player Kingdoms

    yes... at least, that's the idea as far as I'm aware. :) they are Ideally trying to turn the Single player experience into a multiplayer experience... which incorporates things like Roaming clans, to kingdoms with Vassal clans ect...
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    online not lauching, it says game is outdated

    There was a Small patch for Bannerlord, if you're not playing on the Steam version then you will have to wait for the Update to be released by that platform... unfortunately Bannerlord patches aren't Released across all services at the same time..
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    Game Files Are corrupted''

    try Verify Game Files before Launching the "BannerLord online Launcher"
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    I will be Returning within the next month or so. I miss you guys. :)

    I will be Returning within the next month or so. I miss you guys. :)
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    "You are banned on this server"

    I've been away from the mod for a while due to personal reasons but your best bet is to either ask one of the Helpers in the Discord to ask about and apply for a Ban appeal.
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    if you want Vlandian Recruits then Recruit from Vlandian Towns, if you want Khuzait troops Recruit from Khuzait towns, if you want Nord Troops, Recruit from Nord Towns... and so on and so forth.
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    outdated version

    Update your game to latest version, make sure you are not opted into any betas, (Go to Library, right click Bannerlord, Properties, Betas and select none)
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    Zeanica Marketplace Glitch

    this is because the market in that city is currently at capacity, Zeonica will almost always be at capacity, it's best to try and sell at a different city.
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    The version of the game is outdated!

    just press "Update" if you are using steam and make sure you are not opted into any betas, (Select betas and choose "None") if you are using GoG then you will have to wait for GoG to update the game.
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    No bandit camp

    if you're talking about the Bandit camp for the introduction missions there are a few different locations. it will spawn in 1 of 4 locations, The location is different for every player.
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    Suggestion concerning starting town Zeonica's Market.

    Also This was Said a few days ago about work in Villages in the Announcements, • Some updates to the project were not described in the roadmap, but we released them earlier than planned (hideout quests, quests for finding a chest and delivering goods, wanderer). Soon, we want to release another...
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    Suggestion concerning starting town Zeonica's Market.

    just saying to have patience and be understanding, the Dev team has been very small with only 4 Team members, 1 Main developer doing most of the work in his free time which is why progress has been very slow, he's been focusing on getting all the Major mechanics released first and then fixing...
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    The beginning grind is not fun and is bad game design

    More features will be coming in the Future, The mod is still in the development and Testing Phase.
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    Does character background actually affect gameplay in Bannerlord Online?

    not at the moment, everyone Defaults to Empire.
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    "Unable to initialize Steam API"

    make sure steam is open and in "online mode"
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    How to level up trade caravan skill?

    Remember to put points into the Social attribute, :)
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    Change Name

    yes or a few days after the Date. once the cooldown has ended, a button will appear that says "Change"
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    Common Issues and how to solve them

    Think it's at the very bottom of the "Performance" tab.