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    No leadership progression?

    perfect ty that was the issue! but as the system was/is totally different from SP i totally forgot that^^ TY bro!
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    No leadership progression?

    Hi Community! I am somehow stuck since a few days at leadership 30 (0 / 1011 xp) with high morale and maxed army of 25 t4-5 units. At this point i dont recruit alot units but 1-2recruits here and there when i lose a unit. After fighting mobs of 45ish looter packs or 20 forest bandits i get...
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    Hi! First of all im just proposing stuff/vague ideas while not having any clue about the feasibility/posibility of coding it or if it is to complex/difficult. Q: What do you think of implementing a stash? It could be like 1box in every town where all players can go to but everybody has his...
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    Hiring Recruits in Villages

    Hi all! What about hiring Recruits in villages? Would make it easier to re fill army while travelling/fighting (due to slow travel speed and annoying runs towards cities only to refill army) and makes common sense to me. Would also make the villages look populated/not so dead ^^ Greetings
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    Questions about skill training

    Good question! I also would like to know Q: how and what effects the speed (faster/slower running/walking) in this MOD? For example in classic singleplayer being naked makes you run faster and having heavy Armor makes you run slower (trade of armor vs movement speed) Greetings to all devs...